We are very proud of some of the comments that we receive from our campers and their families during and after camp. Here are a few of our favourite comments from JCamps Spain and London 2018.

If you would like any further testimonials, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have many more happy stories we would love to share

JCamps 2018 What the campers said

For all the dear counsellors!! I had an amazing time at JCamps with you guys, did some awesome time in the activities and as conclusion had indescribable fun here. Tnx for everything Ariel B France

Jcamps was such an amazing experience for for me and was unlike anything I've ever been to before. I met so many wonderful people from all around the world and I wouldn't change this experience in any way. I will never forget all the memories I made with everyone and I'm going to miss each and everyone of you so much. Adios Daniela USA

This is the second year that I'm going to this camp. The last two years was the most amazing years I had. The amazing staff, the environment and the activities makes the camp the Best camp. Thank you for the last two years Carmel - Israel

Best camp ever! I enjoyed so much all the activities and made a lot of friends! Thank you for this two weeks Leah Benarroch, Spain

I love this camp so much and I will miss this time to be with my friends and the best staff in the world. Love you all Laura Germany

Thank you so much for the BEST camp ever! We have had so much fun and made so many new friends here and hope one day we can all come back even to be a counsellor! I have never experienced something like this and it will definitely make us want to keep coming to camp. JCamps is AMAZING. Thank you for the best summer ever! Taly - UK

I liked the first year but this year was amazing!! Thank you for everything Orna France

The camp was the best camp I've ever been in in my life. I've learned so many new people from difference countries. This time will be unforgettable. The activities was cool. I had so much time and I'll miss it. Next year I'll come again! And I want to see the staff again Thank you for all. Jennifer - Germany

Dear JCamp It was very fun. Thank you for this experience and I really liked it. The people were all nice and I may come back next year Guila Traub - Italy

JCamps was an amazing experience for me. It felt different yet so overwhelming to be surrounded with so many Jews near my age. I am leaving today wanting to stay another week. I wish being around so many Jew could be a daily routine for me. JCamps has taught me many things and I made so many friends from different countries and hope to see them again soon. Thank you so much Michelle - Switzerland

It was such a great thing to meet people from difference countries to learn new languages, discover new cultures and overall make new friends. Moreover, the camp was really cool. The counsellors were so nice and the visits too. I'll miss everything Laura B - France

It was such an amazing experience meeting people from all around the world. Thank you for an amazing time!! Eliyahu Israel

JCamps is a new experience for me, and I will remember this all my life, here we are like a really big family, and that's so cool. These days are so funny with new friends, staff...I like this so much and I love everyone here. The best summer ever. I'm sad I'm leaving this Fiona - Spain

Thank you for all the wonderful moments. I enjoyed every second to the fullest!! It certainly was a memorable summer. In short I had the BEST SUMMER EVER. Thank you Melanie - Switzerland

One of the Best camps I've ever been to, I really enjoyed myself and made many new friends. I am going to miss you guys and I hope I can see you all next year Samuel - Rome

Dear Jcamps The past 2 weeks were perhaps the Best 2 weeks of my life. I had so much fun and met so many amazing people The staff is amazing and so welcoming. There is always someone to talk to or have fun with. No words to describe my time here. Thank you
Noam Arad Israel

Questo camp e stato meravigliosa, Ho fatto esperienze spettacolare e qua ho l'asciato troppi amici che spero di rivedere Frederico - Italy

It was a fantastic time. Last year I was also in JCamps in London. It was very great last time but this time I like it much more. Everything makes so much fun and everybody was so nice and the staff did a really great job/ I was so happy hear and I am sad that it already ends - David Germany

2 semanas maravilloso, con gente encantadora. Gracias. Jaime Spain

I had an amazing two weeks and I wish it could be longer. I met new friends here that I know I'll keep in touch with. I'm so sad to leave. Everything was so fun abd i will never forget this experience. Yaara - Israel

It was so amazing! I was love this camp Ava Dahan France

I was so much fun being here. Also last year in London, and this year in Spain. Thank you so much Patricia & Brian Ben Chouraqui Israel

The activity were fun. The rooms are good. The staff were fun. The pool is beautiful. I think I come next year Jeremy Belgium

Camp was real cool, got to meet amazing people. Thanks Nathaniel USA

Merci pour ce camps. C'etait super. Merci pour tous ce que vous avez fait pour nous. Et merci pour le colo qu'ont a pris grace a vous Lea and Anna France

We really like this camp and had a very great time. Thank you for these two wonderful weeks. We will come next year Sophie and Abigail - German

Dear Counselors, This camp was so much fun. The time went past so fast and I enjoyed every moment Ilay Weitz Israel

Ce camp etait super merci!!! Charlotte

We loved these holidays Thank you - The Italians

Really enjoyed my stay. Thank you to all the counsellors for the amazing activities and atmosphere. Thank you to all the staff for the service, food and kindness. I will always remember these weeks and the people I met will stay in my heart Tofic, Belgium

I really love it here. I will come back next year. Everybody is so nice. I will miss everybody. I love my Spanish class Lots of love Matilda - Germany

Le camps est magique Joelle

JCamps Spain 2018 was a great camp! The councelors, the food and the Hotel were all great. Thank you for that great camp. Jonathon - Germany

I really enjoyed the camp. I met amazing people and would like to come back as a counsellor - Anna France

Thank you for everything . It was amazing Sarah - France

Jcamps is the best thing I've been in. Thanks a lot for everything and I hope to see you next year. Yogev - Israel

I enjoyed the camp a lot. I will definitely come back next year. Thank you for this wonderful summer - Shani - Israel

It was very wonderful! I met many people from all around the world, it's very great. We make a lot of activities and the staff is nice! Its my best camp! It was fun - Anna - France

J'aime beaucouo ce camps parce que c'est pas un camp commes les autres. On peut pratiquer la religion comme on le veux . Des colos sont super et baucoup d'amis cool!
Lea C France

I really love this sojourn! The activities were great and I got to know loads of people from all around the world. Also the monitors were really nice and I learnt a lot from the English lessons because the teacher (Tom) was really patient. I suggest Jcamps to everyone Nicole Italy

I had a lot of fun these two weeks especially with all my new friends and the staff and the activities were really fun and these two weeks flew by really quickly with all the fun of the trips and amazing people. Nomi, Israel

I had lots of fun! The kids here made the camp so much fun and so did the instructors. I really liked the sky climb and the swing Abigail Israel

I think that this was the one of the best camps ever! The activities were fantastic and very funny. The lessons were very interesting and very helpful to improve my English. The food was good but I'm of the opinion that the Italian food is always the best! My favourite activity was archery. The night activities were fun too! I love all the things on this camp. Rebecca, Italy

I had so much fun at this camp. I want to thank all the instructors and our teacher,Tom. The activities were so fun and also the casino night. Thanks for everything Rachel. Italy

Mi e piaciuto molto questo camp mi sono de divertita , ho fatto nuove amicize e ho inparto l'inglese. Le activita mi sono piaciute tanco e pura la lezione, sono molto felice di aver passato questa bella esperienza e ringrazino tutta la mia famiglia e tutti quelli ch mi hanno aiutate, Grazie Annalia, Italy

What Parents said:

We wanted to thank you for the great experience Yonatan had. He is really happy about the camp, the activities and about the lessons. Also the availability of your staff that made the vacation one of the best he has had Italy

Many thanks for the camp. Sacha and Elsa were delighted by their stay in Ashford. France

We want to thank you from all our heart for the amazing camp David and his friends had again this summer. The kids came back so happy and left no doubt about going back next year! You gave them so much love, put in so much positive energy and it was just amazing. Your camps are so very special so again thank you for everything Germany

I really want to thank you for the wonderful time Nathaniel had with his friends on your camp. He felt very happy to spend time with friends and have wonderful experience in a Jewish environment. He enjoyed a lot of sports, the sun, the beach and even the fast! He repeated very often how much Patricia was kind to him and that the staff was amazing. So for us parents it is a great satisfaction to see our son enjoy like this and still be in close contact with the values of our religion Spain

Just to tell you that was a fabulous experience to Marcos and he told us he wanted to stay more days in the camp Portugal

I would like to thank you and your team, Lea really enjoyed her trip at JCamps Espana. She loved its multicultural and Jewish atmosphere and she also achieved her goal to improve her English France

My son Tofic just came back from JCamps and misses it already! Belgium

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for the two amazing weeks in London. Noam had a lot of fun, he met a lot of new friends and enjoyed every minute.
Noam asked us already to register him for next year to jcamp

We would very much like to say thank you and your team for the two Camp weeks for our daughters Laura and Rosa. They had really a lot of fun, learned so good English, have seen very much and met plenty of new friends. All in all they had a very good time and we as their parents had the good feeling to have our children in a good and safety place. Alon Germany

Gary is fine and came back home with lots of souvenirs Once again thanks a lot for your patience France

Aya is back home with us, and she brought along a lot of stories. We want to thank you for a growing up experience, a better English and especially for being there for her when she needed it. There were three goals for Aya's trip to summer camp - improving her English, experiencing manageable challenges in a controlled environment and having fun. There is no doubt in our mind that as much as challenges help us grow, they don't work out all that well if we don't have a support system to sustain us through that growth. So we greatly appreciate your the warmth you wrapped Aya with in the process. Aya said she felt for Patricia like she was a third grandmother, and that fills our hearts with gratitude. Erez Israel

Ari came back very very happy and excited yesterday. He said he had a great time, he met a lot of new friends and the activities were great. We will be in touch for next year. Thanks again for everything. Alexandra Israel

Thank you, the kids loved camp and are still talking about it and the friends they made! Fabrice, France

We want to thank you for the two incredible great weeks our son David had in camp. He and his friends were extremely happy and they all talk about going to Spain next summer. Whenever you have the dates ready we will be happy to hear from you. Once again thank you for everything we really appreciate the great job you have done
Sabina & Evgeny Germany

I want to thank you for the great and wonderful experience you and your staff granted to my son Ron. It contributed him a lot! He came back so happy and determined in a way how his life should be, he had a good time and also understood the way other jewish young people live and their values, and the value of family and friends. In short, your wonderful camp gave him a lot and i am very grateful to you for that! Only with your kind help it happened!
I wish you all the best!!!You really do the important things for the youth! They will remember it forever and also me.
Ela Israel

Joelle & the girls are having a great time. Another great summer. Thanks very much

Luca had a great time and thank you! I know he will be talking about it for weeks to come
Warmly Sheera Spain

Thank you for providing such a great experience
Michele France

I wanted to thank you for those special moments. Camp is a real unique one where the teenagers really feel in good spirit.Please thank you for also all the team was amazing
Muriel Israel

As I arrived, the friends and teachers here made me settle in very quickly and all the activities were well chosen and so fun. I really enjoyed it here and I will remember this camp as one of the best so far.! The week fled by and was a great experience. Charles, Uk

We would like to thank you and all the Staff for taking care of our children, my daughter was enthusiastic!! The location of the camp and the outing in Valencia, Torreveija Luna Park, everything has been just perfect, they really had a lot of fun and meet people from all over the world, thank you!

What the Parents say: Tiziana and Pierre Italy

When our students got back to Israel from summer school, they were asked to fill out feedback forms and let us now about their experiences, so we would like to share it with you.
All of the students - without any exception, had a great time with you and they enjoyed the activities offered by the school. They had a great teachers - very professional staff and interesting classes.
Most of them said that they had improved their confidence in speaking English

What an Agent said about their group's experience:

The camp was so excellent because I've met lots of new people but also with the counsellors. Moreover I've passed lots of good moments each day. Finally the activity were also well prepared and I would like to thank Brian for the beautiful camp that I passed. See you soon!

Daniel, Switzerland, (JCamps Spain - Camper)

Thank you for this amazing camp. Meeting new fantastic people and monitors. Hope to see everyone in Spain!

Joe, Italy, (JCamps London - Camper)

The camp as so much fun I met a lot of amazing people and amazing monitors. We enjoyed every second and I could not have imagined a better way to pass the summer. These 2 weeks passed too fast and I would like to come back.

The Israelis -Shira & Shaked, (JCamps Spain - Campers)

We just wanted to say thank you to you and all the camp counsellors: Holly had a great time in Spain at JCamps and has already asked if she can go again next year! She thoroughly enjoyed all the activities, including the Spanish lessons, and is now in contact with her fellow JCampers from all over the world. Well done to all of you for a superb piece of programming and organisation.

Nicky and David, English, (JCamps Spain - Parents)

I loved Jcamps! I've met so many new people and had so many unforgettable experiences. The friendships created on this camp will hopefully last forever and I know I will be cherishing the memories made for years to come. Thank you JCamps for this amazing experience.

Anita, Australia, (JCamps London - Camper)

Cher Monsieur,

Tout d'abord permettez-moi de vous féliciter pour votre sens de l'organisation. Nos garçons ont passé de merveilleuses vacances !
Merci Mille Fois pour votre gentillesse.

Michael, France, (JCamps Spain - Parent)

I am not religious at all but the camp made me really appreciate some things in life. I've made some new friends especially the monitors. I'll really miss some kids here. I felt more like a brother then a friend and that was great!

Roei, Israel, (JCamps London - Camper)

Me a gusto mucho porque he canocido nuevas personas de distintos lugares he aprendido Ingles. Me lo he pasado genial los actividades.

Sol, Spain, (JCamps Spain - Camper)

Merci a tous pour cette colo de folie. Que de bons moments qu'on oubliera pas. Bissous

Lily, France, (JCamps London - Camper)

We had an amazing time on camp this year and we have both made so many new friends which we are going to stay in touch with. Thanks to everyone for making these two weeks so amazing.

The British Girls (Holly and Gabby), (JCamps Spain - Campers)

Dear Brian and staff,

A short note to say a big thank you to you all, Ori had a fantastic time and will have wonderful memories for many years, the English studying and the days out of the camp were very enjoyable he said.

Anyway lovely special people like Shira, Eyal,Yonatan helped to make the camp a success

Debbie, Israel, (JCamps London - Parent)

Hi Brian and your team.

On behalf of all of us I would like to thank you all for unforgettable experience and great time Anita had in JCamps London. This very special time will stay with her for the rest of her life, she have made lots of friends from all over the world. Thanks again and we will share those stories with our friends and while she was first Australian, I am sure she is not last one. Looking forward to see all photos.

Janna, Australia, (JCamps London - Parent)

C'etait une super solo! J'ai adore l'escalade et la balancoire. Mes amis sont supers. Merci, thank you, Danke, Grazie. I love JCamps.

Toscane, France, (JCamps London - Camper)

I love JCamps! I had fun all time. It was impossible to be bored. The monitors were the best I have ever had. Now my English is better than before and I even learnt some Hebrew.

Marc, Spain, (JCamps London - Camper)

Thanks again for offering a great program to Jewish kids all over the world. We live in a very small Jewish community and the opportunity to immerse with such a varied cultural mix of international Jewish kids will have many long lasting effects.

Michelle, Canada, (JCamps Spain - Parent)

My experience as a camper at Camp Espana touched many parts of my life. To date I have travelled, lived and worked in various countries including Switzerland, England, Israel and Australia. Each time, it was the friends I made during my time at Camp Espana who showed me around and helped me feel at home in strange new cities.

Jenny, USA, (JCamps Spain - Camper)

You gave me the best 3 weeks of my life, you gave me great friends, great food, and great times! I am forever grateful for spending my Summer with you and I miss and love you all!

Noah, USA , (JCamps Spain - Camper)